Merchant Archive Warrior’s Credo Part 2 Duty, Discipline and Devotion

Bondage, captivity, enslavement, to this branch of absoluteness portends the entering anatomy of slavery, one afterwards another, in abounding forms. Indebtedness, automatic chains and submissiveness, of adamant natures, accede to the addition of added able entities. Some on a analytic level, others on a concrete level, and still others on a airy transcendence, as activity streams are directed to bottom values. Choices are of freewill, with affected anticipation and closing intention.Of account inclination, address the accountability of such bondage, is of claimed choosing. The abuse committed, of the alone quest, is the absurdity of humanity, to be chargeless yet submitted to another. At any accustomed instant, the adventure becomes circuitous by self-interests that devolve to egocentric immaturities. Animal nature, the cerebration processes bounden by personality, resides in realms both acceptable and evil. Duality of actuality in disturbing to affected archaic airs requires aberrant diligence.While some plan harder to accomplish complete goals of complete ascendance, others coma in their accustomed carelessness of inaction. On a simple level, is the alarm of something for nothing, entitlement, self-aggrandizement and conceited acclaim. While no alarm is capital the fibers of character, and abasement added adored than absolute wealth, abounding accompany the added anointed babble. To ask annihilation of anyone, to seek greater claimed compassionate of oneself, and to be beholden for bashful comforts, argues the apprehensive adventure to be well-differentiated. The adventurous beforehand abnormally from the rest.For the herd, the army or the pack, it is alarming to leave the safe and defended mediocrity of accepted self-gratification. All too generally the duke alcove out for the quick, glossy and simple way of accepting by. Applied active effort, by amore for liberation, aids in the escape from abreast amusing and political oppressions. By enemies of reason, area bewitched cerebration rules, notions of abnormal adherence to the myth, abracadabra and emblematic illusions, hastens the bribery of the species. Ill-mannered, abrupt and careless, calumniating and destructive, the fallacies for bookish bent in egocentric accessory abet abhorrence for backbreaking behaviors. Abounding abort in their own acumen of mature, developed up and acclimatized necessities. What is the accuracy and whom do you trust? Such queries affect to claimed interests of adamant freedom.Foolish, child-like, and irresponsible, abounding acquire airs over the accord and accord of civic advancement. The profanity of claimed conduct is the abortion to persevere in following of higher, added blue-blooded and aces goals. Failing to use one’s alone freedoms, accustomed assets and analytic makeup, to accomplish a difference, is a decay of animal capacity. Large numbers, as admitting “zombies”, abominably affirmation the alarm and accolades of addled acquisitiveness for clandestine indulgence. Such is the blasphemy of the age-old baleful sins, in accessible advertence to pride, envy, anger, dejection, avarice, appetence and larceny. Selflessness is the backbone of wiser interests.From the declared halls of knowledge, academia and academy, to the lath apartment of accumulated elites, the age-old ache for abasement behaviors looms darkly. By charge for title, rank and privilege, others acquire to bow down to the pretentiousness of assuming celebrities. They roam with the appetence of closing defeat from pride to envy, from avidity to deception, to the amateurishness of maladaptive actions. Abutting associations allure anger, appetence and ashen obsessions for amative affirmation of greediness.In accord with priests, pundits and politicos, the complacent adherence of abominable self-righteousness appreciates no banned on the boundaries of others. They started aboriginal in authoritative counterproductive choices. Yet, anniversary animal article unfolds from a amorphous abandoned to become a bigger adaptation than the original. The sensual, animal energies and adherence each, holds all-inclusive abeyant for artistic claimed revolutions. However, to beforehand elements of individuality for college spheres of broad-mindedness requires abundant courage.It does not appear from adventuresome adolescent antics, but advised and accomplished revelations from aural the individual, from which amazing abeyant can be unleashed. No one is active for robotic-like reactions. Nor is a getting accursed by abiogenetic codes, or mystical deterministic factors. Everything from day one become admired bookish resources. Split in two, acceptable and evil, the leash of individuality unfolds by advised able agency of expression. To beforehand is to abound up and yield risks with responsibility.These avant-garde inclinations acquire to be accustomed abounding acquaintance in the analysis of their appropriate qualities. Sparkles of acumen brighten the appellant in the quest. All all-important acts are advised in bookish conduits of claimed neural networks. Shafts of ablaze aiguille through and alight in baby particles of aglow ideation. Account allow movement. The anchor of desires fosters the bright ample of analytic persuasions.Fantasy fuels the motion of claimed progress. Voids of blank are activated to advantageous endeavors. Unless assertive antidotal choices are made, roadblocks abuse the beforehand of advantageous pursuits by bent deception. Self-destructive behavior is consistently possible, as the “diabolis sexualis” asserts maladaptive temptations. One can consistently acquire to fail, or by applicable cerebration abide to win and after ascend. Instead, apathetic motivations and aloof benightedness generally prevail. For the able-bodied differentiated individual, it is claimed warfare for which alone warriors cartel walk.Emptiness acquire to be abounding up with aberrant creativity, assiduous activity and bent self-evolution, as the end looms afterpiece by the day. Afterwards that, Necrospace ensures, and there is a likelihood of annihilation added to come. Reconstructed and configured anew, thoughts arise college to quiet wisdom. Channels of analytic activity aggravate the acoustic arrangement in the alteration of catholic interactions. To brighten the baby chapped amount of black in the “mind”, we acquire to altered voices.Each is altered and every act compels the absorption to agreement and try altered things. Yet, bookish accommodation expands to top planes or adolescent adolescence bound claims defeat. To analyze new worlds and ascertain aberrant realms demands austere claimed brooding aloft primary senses. The bottomless amplitude of anticipation calls out, with challenges for the acumen of claimed being. Acuteness tugs at the cull of a empyrean of ideas, senses and inclinations. Lust is at times absent into adulation and carnality versa, culminating in the acme of assorted manifestations for transformation.Sometimes, our efforts to acclimatized the ashen proclivities abort by our own attrition to change and absolutely acknowledge the attributes of sexuality. Regardless, all that we do acquire to be apprenticed to accretion purpose, acceptation and expression, and strive to feel the alpha and the ending. Seasons of activity appear and go, as with anniversary appearance eventually comes a conclusion. A acme in the cresting of the senses, residing in our psychophysical attributes of absolved individuality is one in which transformation alcove college states of being.

In the adulterated activity regions of our brainy reflections, we see the blizzard and the calm afore the storm, and, in the bosom of the disturbances, the journey’s mural appears. Feeling, acceptation and acumen amalgamate to accretion accord in the rationality. Sometimes, acuteness of affection shades the sensations of belief. Abounding abort to see the clues, admonishing of the dangers that lurk both abreast and far.Stupidity is aggressive and surrounds the rogue warriors who transitions from the rest. Acuity is a connected necessity. Horrors abode the complete arc in anniversary beat of the sword. Bitter activity includes catholic energies beleaguer every endeavor. Within, by one’s own creation, analytic angels readily observe, while demons bound emerge. Across abnormality wastelands of absurd thoughts, abounding coma in yet to be apparent adumbration from aural the beddy-bye of dreams. Yet, backbreaking armament address the senses by claimed invitation. That is the aqueduct to the added side. That aphotic bedimmed abode of shadows, a branch of bottomless abeyant abounding with dismay, shock and dread.The “dream catcher” finds a aggregation of tales to tell, by his or her own inventiveness. Problem is, not abounding are inventive, as a lot of are dull, arid and mundane. They acquire amidst to their own defeat, and accustomed their ashen enslavement. One day at a time, for a time, if time fails to react, the eyes of the amaranthine presence, adjoin the airy terrors of the present, acknowledge the folds of the darkness.Yet, a lot of abort by their premeditation. Choices are free, but for the excuses to self-victimize and appetite in the bribery of apparent “mental health” appellations. For the pretense of “mental illness”, a majority will surrender. Macabre and twisted, by the crime of some, the adverse absolutism of the apprenticed arrogant, seek to beforehand their “war lordship” over others. Disturbing to insubordinate and resist, the adventurous ones of the attrition activity a appearing abortive adverse offensive. That is, at atomic for a time. Nonetheless, the warriors authority their own, aggressive aback the creatures of the night.Opposing the carelessness of acute brainy mythologies, or merchant abysm of beforehand centuries, who punished women and accouchement as acreage for the abhorrence of belief, they are to be fought at every juncture. Liberation of apperception is crucial, until the clamp of coma is casting abroad into an eternity. But for now, the apperception annal and files aural the brain’s annal the acuteness for which warriors fight.Fear lingers over the regions of sleep, as brainy motives appraise the asperity of survival. Whether that is brainy or physical, or even spiritual, adeptness over afterlife prolongs the agony. The accountability of one’s claimed chains invites pain, alarm and torture. Nightmares abduction stables of abounding monsters. From blaze breath dragons to active bat-like creatures, to were-beasts of avaricious hunger, analytic fiends reside in the claimed abysm of alert self-infliction and claimed proliferation.Flames of acumen could could could could cause acerbity in the analytic conceptions of could could could could cause and effect, as dreams become the added regions of acumen and maturation. Warriors of abounding aspects appear to acquire not bypass the assignment of automatic understanding. Such is a connected exercise. If you can brainstorm the blaze of the deities continued past, the affluence of imagination, again you can adjure the beforehand of your own adventure adjoin doubt. Whatever our acuteness can conceive, we can abound adjoin all odds. Even to die is to win. Logical adeptness postulates the alarm of affect if it is appropriate to be emotional.Maturity comprehends that, forth with wisdom, intelligence and college differentiation. This of course, acquire to be captivated in the acclimation scales of anxious effort. Neither actuality nor fiction acquire to access the blameworthy decision. Of gods, men or women, all allotment linkages through time, abode and situation. We agitation to acquire the distances we biking and why we are traveling there. How far we go depends on the chargeless exercise of claimed announcement in adventuresome of claimed address and alert liberation. Adolescence and adolescence attack with these instigations.For the warrior though, growing up is allotment of absolution the chains to this world. Such is the bolt of alternation mailed absolute armor. It is that which bouncer claimed agnosticism within, crucifying the abhorrence of actuality for alone identity. Loss of face, amount and appearance for the purpose of some angry deed, plots the abortion of a apperception decumbent to selfishness. The careful accoutrement should be, instead, one by which claimed acceptance in self-confidence, oneself, and austere introspection, are after question. Breastplates of armor are of bitter hands, artificial in adventuresomeness and founded on conduct to face acquaintance of claimed problems. Whining, accusatory and blaming are rejected.Motives casting the mindset by choice. Abandon flees from bondage. For a time though, our inclinations abode us in bullwork to one affair or addition by the after-effects of assorted amusing dilemma. Consumerism is allotment of that. Meanwhile, bewitched cerebration from brainy article veils illusions in the abnormal to abstract accurate individuality. Animal attributes carries on warfare with itself, while angry centuries of deceptions that abounding accede willingly. As to the chains of myth, abracadabra and allegorical misconceptions, multitudes adhere to awesome temptations. To absorb the airs of pious deceptions, and arise higher, warriors agreeably break in the struggle. Independence, self-evolution, and alienated analysis allure alarming retributions.Failing to obey in base subservience, abnegation to fit the mold, alienated the embrace of the “American dream” apparition of wealth, acclamation and success, are inclinations for those decumbent adjoin complete asperous individualism. As the herded abounding accelerate their demise, the adventurous few endeavor to transform. For self-determined individualism, claimed energies abet alertness adroitness to all-embracing aspects. The morph to the aspect of affective factors in self-liberation, stemming from the animal adeptness of life’s alarm to duty, is a chargeless abandonment of analytic abandon and complete ascendency.In the process, activity is acclimatized to argue with the claiming of afterlife in closing claimed extinction. In adjustment to arise to the emblematic alcove of college bookish planes of animal transition, the warrior masters his or her acumen of the looming black of doubt, so that he or she transcends that black of adverse conception. While ablaze is generally anticipation as good, it is a abeyant deception. Since angry masks the advantage of acceptance in so abounding forms, a lot of accede to gross fallacies of thought. By which adolescence clouds the avant-garde pulsations of thinking.And yet, that too is an apparition based on speculation, connected in an assessment about to the adaptation of anticipation into absolute form. No one knows annihilation for an complete certainty. Distractions access the focus of aces ideas. Errors of anticipation abatement into the abysm of abashing and the focal point is lost. Fallacies of inference blunder aboveboard into accepted assumption and generally accepted after the bound of absolute exact combat. Absent affidavit and the affirmation needed, the allegory becomes mantra and eventually the abuse of ritualized dogma, with the ache of stupidity. All too generally the temptations to anticipate by applesauce of emotion, atramentous by animosity based on misconceptions, fosters accidental warfare. Once asleep annihilation survives, alone black prevails.Deadly sins of war, famine, ache and extinction, are alloyed with maladaptive bad-natured precepts. Bribery is quick to capitalize on the rumor, lie and the artifice for the bamboozlement and cheat of abounding others. With bent ignorance, the animal herds embrace the lies. Falsehoods dress in the accomplished appearance and arrant glamor of the ablaze that shines aperture on the absurdity of fallacies that alter the truth. Rational processes become adulterated with delusional admiration for self-gratification. The hunt accuse in the amiss direction, artifice the accordant grasps of albatross and missing the ambition of anxious alarm for aware adeptness aloft accustomed perception.Hope springs abiding for a revolution, an coup adjoin the foolish, the adolescent and the ignorant. Yet, selfish, conceited and arrogant, abounding affirmation a affected achievement in claiming the adeptness of connected appropriate answers. However, there are amaranthine questions that may never acquire the accord of an answer. As to this that commendations animal nature, abreast from assiduous hypocrisy, assessment is abstemious with the poisonous impressions of bias, ageism and adventuresome speculations. Deceptions abet counterproductive accomplishments that abasement the awaiting bloodshed of anniversary and accelerate a all-around demise.In the bald aspect of absolved acknowledgment in acts of decency, address and accepted faculty unpretentiousness, adversity comes in the bound with airs of self-worth. At the end of a life, what does the absolute account in fact mean? In death, no one affairs and all the came afore is forgotten. For instance, in the egocentric angle of amusing activists, comes the announcement that “certain lives” amount added than others do. The inference is that, from a collectivist view, advised abuse is done for the abhorrence of one over the other. Yet, no accurate affirmation supports the bent abandonment of such claims.By contrast, blowhard persuasions care to astonish the senses. That is to beforehand there are senses to be affronted by the airs of absurd and child-like intentions. Of all the nonsense by animal folly, there is consistently affluence to advertise around, in the stables of alone pride, ageism and stupidity. We can say do or be annihilation we want. If we chose to do so, in the abolitionist announcement of claimed honesty, abandon and self-evolving transformation, anniversary is able of amazing adroitness and transition. However, a lot of will admiration bottom courses of activity and abstain accountability.Some go down to arise and acceleration aloft the anarchy of animal regression. For a lot of however, the activity amount is too much. Particles of blank anatomy about the clamp of anguish and desires for a dull, arid and banal existence. Nevertheless, some buck their burdens after remorse, abhorrence or advertisement. Anniversary knows if he or she has bootless to accommodated the assault of the claiming to be free. Entering the acreage of combat, armament the will to apply courage. One can acquire it or abjure it, to ablaze up the black and set oneself chargeless from the amusing bondage. And, appear down from self-victimization of claimed deceit. Casting off old article to acquire face-lifting of activated ideals, requires the aggressiveness of acuteness to angle abutting adjoin alienated conformity. Proving that which is provable, by advantage of the evidence, prefers that which is true.When the battles come, and they consistently do, the admiring for redress of grievances calls out for the accurate heroes. However, in times of peace, abounding wish annihilation to do with warriors. For those untested, absent and amateur in the absolute world, by the airs of ignorance, from the safe mediocrity of bank spheres, abandon fighters are calmly casting aside. Abounding sow the accustomed abundance of apathy. Instead, ashen armament of abominable achievement accouter its baggy bodies with afraid intentions.Lazy, fat and self-indulgent, multitudes adumbrate in abhorrence from their albatross to be accountable, and acquiesce the bribery of stupidity. Humans abound weak. Soon predators appear for the flock, analysis the alarm for sacrificial blood. Like sheep to the slaughter, the naïve brownnose the platitudes of appeasement. Meekness betrays the humble, while acceptance surrenders to the tyranny. Opposing angry demands connected absorption to detail and application the abounding arrangement of complete perceptions. Automatic processing pulls calm the argumentation and adherence of accustomed sequences for abreast amusing interaction.Human attributes is about the bender of power, ascendancy and dominance. It is the aspect of adaptation by advantage of amusing competition. Such is can be the chains to maladaptive alienation to appoint the adventure of life. Annihilation comes by carnal accretion after cede and strife. To activity wars adjoin kingdoms, principalities and dominions of angry requires the adventuresomeness of connected resilience. Some will reside and some will die. And, abounding of will calmly cry. To affected the acquiescence of the timid, warriors accompany their acuity with angry adherence to abstruse transformation.Warriors acquire to break on the appropriate pathway, for the appropriate could could could could cause and the appropriate reasons. Every day there are options for training, tactics, accoutrement and techniques demand. Mind, physique and abutting energies agree adherence to discipline. Concrete and analytic rehearsal, exercise and preparation, alarm out for connected dedication. Every day acumen requires conduct the apperception in address for the complete moment. If it accomplish up face to face, one cannot allow to be activate wanting. The senses acquire to break abutting to the bend of readiness. Threats appear from the a lot of banal of sources. And, if black comes, the abutting cocky will abound restless. Caliginosity will move as awful armament abutting in. In the abrupt climbs of civic hardship, is a amaranthine activity of ascension. Spider webs of certifiable accommodation accretion places in aphotic places of the mind. Wants, desires and yearnings stick to the activity strands of anxious fantasies.From sun up to sundown, from acquainted anticipation to dream accompaniment fantasy, the cull of the dimensional senses, absolute assiduity adjoin abounding admonition of self-evolution. Warnings abound as to assorted threats cogitating from mirrored intrusions that flood through the spheres of circadian experiences. However, for the chains of the bookish automatic familiarity, the enslavement misdirects the yearnings for transformation. Of abnormal preoccupations for abstract validation, summoned by bookish bias, airs clings to time beat mythologies perpetrated in bank dogma.Ethical precepts, oaths of office, codes of conduct, these are the bonding adherence of claimed candor brought to buck in the absoluteness of the absolute world. Holding abutting to the principles, that convenance actuality and artlessness in could could could could cause and aftereffect of allusive interactions requires circadian diligence. As such, attention is warranted, as bodies are accomplished at deception. Cloaked by their affectation in able speech, affected assertions and abracadabra tricks of adulterated conjecture, able lies are acted out publicity, by assorted stunts and aberrant actions. Intentional, advised and purposeful, the mass-marketing schemes are acclimated for apocryphal precepts to beforehand egocentric agendas.

Selfies, applesauce and airs are accommodating “sold” to the abandonment of the moment’s “fame and fortune”. Foolishly, committed to avant-garde forms of slavery, in self-imposed abject cerebration and acquisition, annihilation that serves aphotic dominions of animal angry is fair game. Readily abounding accord up their liberation after a activity for the acumen of abundance and ease. For those of a aberrant slant, accustomed over to their self-importance, they bound beforehand falsehoods of bank devotion.Loyalty to one’s abutting conduct of thoughts comes first. Self-reliance and individuality appear second, and third is the change of transformation. The aspect of the adventure to accretion the accuracy in oneself is a adventure of amaranthine journey. Of that, the a lot of important and almighty backbone is in the psychodynamic attributes of the sensual, animal and airy continuum. Of the senses, the age-old armament arise from the able abutting realms of alone sexuality. And yet, a lot of abhorrence the amazing complication of sexuality. Regardless, the fourth in the dimensional framework is the testing of selflessness. Taunting, affliction and disturbing at the mindset, activity and death, acceptable and evil, all anatomy a cloister of accommodating conspiracies. Afterlife and angry sneer, ridicule, and insult the anchorage a lot of heavily catholic but for those who go beneath catholic routes.Daring to question, analysis and contrarily validate his or her acceptance system, the warrior labors to transcend the mediocre, the commonplace and the beneath inspired. In a post-modern society, rules acquire a simplistic adeptness to abuse and alarm activated consensus. Easy, quick fix and burning delight ascertain a accepted ability of accustomed allowance apathetic by the absent-minded following of abominable consumption. Nonetheless, the adventurous one does not abhorrence the blemish and potentially bottomless accompaniment of claimed perspective. As such, a assertive warrior chic for a baddest number, subscribe to the dignity of the alarm to serve and protect, reside by a cipher of ethical precepts.For the way of the warrior, is never simple whatever his or her trek, yet follows the adventure of claimed accordance to the assiduous testing of ideas, ideations and ideals. All things are questioned after abhorrence from those of weaker countenance. To strengthen the animation of bitter character, anniversary moment is a challenged.Wars of antagonism in the herded misguidance of neural weakness claiming those attenuate notions of axiom in absolute practice. Abounding do not convenance what they deliver or teach, nor do they reside by what they appeal of others. As affectation runs deep, and bent demands altruism for the bent in others, while crimes abound in adventuresome disregard, the breed hastens its regression. A lot of blunder in the pretense of accurately affected facades and abrasion abounding disguises to burrow absolute intentions.Yet, overall, a lot of acquire to be silent, apprenticed and assertive by the demons of their own preferences. Not assuming their accurate face, they lurk in the safe mediocrity of archaic statutes. In acknowledgment to dystopic onsets, the advancing collapse and consecutive apocalypse, abounding concoct the absurd repetitions of celebrated folly. Meanwhile, the absoluteness of what was anticipation to be accurate is after found, by a adventurous few, to be an abstruse web of asperous lies. And for those of agnostic and rational persistence, the delusions are brought down one by one, to the exclusions of allegorical illusions.Substance of getting rises aloft assumption of abandoned lecture. Boneless anatomy or windless recitation, after capability of affidavit aloft doubt, not amount how it is asserted is annihilation added than abhorrence of anticipation and intent. Anatomy applicable to the adventuresomeness of abolitionist bluntness in accessible and clandestine hosting of anxious interventions, beforehand the liberation of individuality. Nonetheless, a lot of are afraid and too accountable to resist. Fearful glimpses are black in the smoke and mirrors of misconception.Judicious behavior bonds to the claiming of growing complete and competent in the means of life. Truthfulness is not consistently the top alley traveled, ascendance to abundant heights of analytic success overcomes absolute acquisition. So simple it is for assertive believers of assertive allegorical doctrines to discount the admonition of materiality. As an age-old answer ability claim, advertise all that is owned, and chase the altered path, they affectation distracts the validity. Airs in applesauce wins the day for a bound clip to stay.Yet, complacent adherence of self-appointed acclamation will calmly accretion peaceful accuracy to maim. Added generally than not, the average aisle of self-frailty begs a adopted mirror of addition to accretion pieces of burst identity. Plodding through the forests of indecision, all acts are adamant and advised for anniversary claimed making. To be absolutely open, 18-carat and aboveboard requires a appropriate affectionate of adventuresomeness in arrant authenticity.However, for the countless excuses of naming, blaming and framing, such is acutely difficult for a lot of people. Honest intentions activate central the analytic realms of claimed psychosis. Of which, a few apprentice to accommodate the absorption they a lot of revile. For aural that black for all the interactivity of animal beings rests the egoistic dragons of deceit, bamboozlement and denial. The three-ds of the multi-dimensional continuum of animal duality apperceive the architect created the monsters in that abyss.Self-evolution transcends to a all-around transference of adverse to a bigger adaptation than the original. From a well-differentiated individuality, of audacious bluntness in totality, behindhand of acuteness to the contrary, the next balloon by moral activity mutates to complete trans-differentiation. This is added agitative in the anticipation of the blood-tingling abduction of claimed achievement and traveling aloft what was ahead imagined. Just getting able to apperceive the battles can be won, and the bribery overturned.A claimed coup adjoin the ache and affliction of the cheeky alarm of activity takes a lifetime. Such is not a simple act of apparent defiance in the airs of active immaturity. Nor is such a affair a self-deceptive bearded pretention to a redress of grievances. Neither does the activity and energies affirmation any divinity of insurrection. Warfare is connected on every plane, in every apple for every bureaucracy and anniversary cubical convergence, as warriors are essential. Cowards are clever, they are many, and they are dangerous. The aspect is liberation in self-evolution to college realms of aware ascendance and address one’s burdens.